Should I worry if my baby isn’t sitting yet?

baby sitting with hand support
Baby sitting with hand support
baby sitting with hand support
Baby sitting with hand support

Let’s say your baby is 8 months old and is not yet sitting on his own. When should a baby sit up?  You have seen younger babies who are sitting.  You begin to worry.  Is 8 months too old?  Is this a problem? Should I see a doctor?  Even if sitting is not an issue, how do you know if your baby is developing on schedule?

Family and friends may not be helpful

You could ask your mother or talk to your friends, but that may not work.  Your mother may live in another city.  

Your friends may not know or be unwilling to be negative.  You might be able to see a doctor, but that can be expensive or impractical.  

Of course, you check the web and search for a phrase like, when will baby sit up.  What do you find?  Millions of hits, which is promising. You check the top few, and what do you find?.

The web is probably not the answer

At a few sites, you find an age range for when babies typically first sit unsupported.  More commonly, no age range is mentioned, and the site talks about milestones the typical baby.  

You will read that “most” babies can sit by a particular month of age.  The word most is left undefined.  If your baby is older than that, you worry more.

Unfortunately, most online information about baby milestones is generally vague and unhelpful.

A more practical solution

Don’t think about your baby’s milestones in a binary way, pass or fail, on time or delayed. Instead, watch for signs of progress.

There are many developmental milestones, and healthy babies vary widely in how they make progress.

The important question is whether new milestones are appearing. Don’t fixate on one. Watch for many different signs of change.

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