Welcome to my web home for sharing information about topics that interest me — and maybe you.

I’m a retired professor, family guy, conversationalist, coffee enthusiast, pet and sports lover, and observer of the human condition in all its beauty and horror.

Warren Eaton

Born and raised in Wyoming, I was educated in California and Illinois. I then took a job in Winnipeg, Canada, more than 40 years ago. Never left. Here for the duration.

My wife, four children, and grandson continue to home school me. They all find me to be a slow learner. 

You could blame Wyoming public schools, Stanford University, and the University of Illinois for my formal education, but that would be unfair. I’ve had lots of time to forget the good things they taught me.

Most of my employed life was spent at the University of Manitoba, where I mentored, taught, and published for 38 years on topics related to infant and child development. I was very fortunate to have such an engaging job in a sheltered workshop.

My quirky current interests include: monitoring baby development, low-risk investing, and creating a personal web presence with little money

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